Professional Painting Services

House Painting Services

We have a team of experienced and professional painters. Our prices are affordable and the end result is immaculate. The products we use are of the highest quality in painting and we are environmentally friendly. Master Painters will service to all parts of Melbourne with flexibility in time causing you minimum disruptions in your day to day activity.

Commercial Painting Services

Commercial Painting needs expertise, in depth knowledge and experience to complete a professional painting job. We have a good track record of not only completing successfully painting jobs for commercial units but giving and extra bit to our clients with valuable consultation. All our projects are undertaken with great responsibility, utmost care to give you the best result.

Interior Painting Services

Interior color paint not only reflects your personal taste, it transforms an interior while influencing the way people feel and interact within its space. While taking your job, we make sure your job is undertaken with great care and responsibility. We understand how important colors are to your family and will be the deciding factors that coordinate your moods and spirits.

Exterior Painting Services

We realize your house is the most valuable asset and we make sure we do just the right job with perfection. We have a great deal of experience and expertise in exterior painting and also will help you with our ideas to reach you with the right choice. We use only materials of the highest quality and there is no compromising in delivering the result of the utmost quality.

Texture Painting Services

Every beautiful house Texture painting project starts with good preparation. We know that this is the most important factor if you want the paint to be designed. Our experience and knowledge leads us to the perfect preparation work for each and every Texture painting project. We focus on applying the paint in a fast and efficient way which ensures the best look after drying.


When it comes to wallpaper we have it covered. Our experts have it all, find out yourself Our unique system allows you to choose the right wallpaper for your special room or the entire house with our professionals. Master painters provide best wallpaper services with high quality and great tradesman. We provide a wide range of wallpaper designs from which you can select.

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